The Technology

The LED Mask transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing Illuminations. It is a companion that you can bring with you anytime or anywhere there’s music. It is lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. Wear it and you will become instantly part of the sensation. During your EDM parties, Music Festivals or even displayed in your living room - this mask suits any setting. 

The LED Mask is powered by phosphorus ink paired with a lithium modulator. OK, but what’s phosphorus ink? A material that consumes minimal power, is cold to the touch and emits a very captivating glow. This is the same technology that is used in watches to light the faces. The modulator converts the sound waves into programmed patterns creating pure organic light.

  • Sound responsive lithium modulator - Our most advanced piece of technology. The modulator is powered by a lithium-ion battery (DC5V). It is much smaller and lighter than our previous one, cutting the overall weight of the mask in half.

  • Adjustable straps - The straps are easy to set up and fits any head size.

  • Hidden cable - The cable is now completely hidden inside the strap. 

  • Protective foam - A 1mm piece of high-density foam, protects the mask while being comfortable to wear.

  • Phosphorus layer - Phosphorus ink screen printed on a translucent conductor. 

  • Printed design - High quality printed colors applied on a PWB layer.